Confidence for choirs – Singing together again at last!

As one of the oldest and largest choral organizations in the world, INTERKULTUR seeks to support the efforts of choirs and encourage them.

Preparations for the 1st German Choir Championships are in progress

Partners in Koblenz and INTERKULTUR are optimistic about the future

World Choir Games Flanders postponed to July 2021

“The decision to postpone the 11th World Choir Games by one year is a big step for the choir world.”

Open letter from Günter Titsch

INTERKULTUR President sends a personal message to the choral world

INTERKULTUR World Ranking List is further improved

With meanwhile more than 10,000 choirs that have participated in over 200 events, it was time to take a close look at the established procedure…

2020 – new year, new destinations, new events

The New Year 2020 is only a few days old and the first INTERKULTUR event is already approaching: Sing’n’Pray Kobe in Japan. But this is only the first of 23 events that singers from all over the world can look forward to.

Thank you for a fantastic year 2019

The year is coming to an end, time to pause and review the past months – the experiences, successes and achievements.

Spreading the message of connecting people trough song

INTERKULTUR visits the German Chancellery and the representation of the state of Hesse

How choir competitions impact cities and regions

Hundreds of choirs from all over the world come together every year for one to two weeks within the setting of the Choir Games in peaceful competition

Thanks for the good partnership!

INTERKULTUR partner in Vietnam retires

New record

New record

The best World Choir Games are yet to come!