Dear Gunter,

I sincerely wish that you could have joined us at this wonderful festival here in Monterey!

It is a most beautiful setting here on the California coast and the festival is attended by several hundred singers and conductors from the US and abroad. I am sure that Thomas is as pleased as I am with all that has happened during the festival.

I gave an opening welcome to the attendees and then the next day gave an extended talk to several hundred in the audience on my music, poetry and other topics that I felt the attendees would be interested in.

Today Thomas hosted a meet and greet session where I was able to chat informally with several conductors and singers. Tomorrow I will coach a choir from Oklahoma and attend the closing concert.

I had long ago given Thomas names of individuals with whom I have worked in the past from this area and both Cheryl Anderson and her husband are deeply involved as adjudicator and concert recorder. Choral luminaries in the Princeton area whom I also recommended to Thomas will participate in that festival that I will attend as will individuals for the Miami festival.

It has been a real pleasure for me to underscore with the attendees he global importance of the work you and all at INTERKULTUR have done and are doing.

So, I send you my greetings and congratulations on another very successful festival and hope that our paths cross in person before long.

Warm Regards,


Morten Lauridsen (USA)
Künstlerischer Ehrenpräsident von INTERKULTUR / GOLDEN STATE CHORAL TROPHY 2016, Monterey (USA)

“Hochverehrter Herr Präsident, ich wollte Ihnen ganz herzlich für die erneute Möglichkeit danken, die Sie mir geboten haben, als Vertreter Belgiens am World Choir Council teilzunehmen. Auch meine Mitarbeit in der internationalen Jury hat mich sehr inspiriert und bereichert.”

Jean-Pierre van Avermaet (Belgien)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Sehr geehrter Herr INTERKULTUR-Präsident Günter Titsch, wie ich schon meinem Jahrzehnte langen Freund, Ralf Eisenbeiß, schrieb, hat mich auch in Sochi die inhaltliche, organisatorische und künstlerisch vorbildliche Leistung von allen INTERKULTUR-Mitarbeitern auf ein Neues begeistert. Es macht wahnsinnig viel Freude und gibt großen Ansporn, als Jurymitglied diesen Anforderungen zu entsprechen und sie bestens zu erfüllen. Andererseits hat mir die Tätigkeit als Jurymitglied viele neue Impulse und vielfältige Kontakte gegeben, die meine zukünftige Arbeit weiterhin beeinflussen werden.

Sowohl als Jurymitglied als auch als Chorleiter genieße und schöpfe ich sehr aus Ihren einzelnen INTERKULTUR – Events. Ob als Jurymitglied oder auch als aktiver Chorleiter beim INTERKULTUR-Chorwettbewerb in Grado (Italien), als Jurymitglied beim 2. Europaen Choir Games 2015 in Magdeburg, oder auch als Chorleiter bei der kommenden INTERKULTUR-Chorbegegnung im September 2016 in Lissabon, genieße ich meine “gebende” und “nehmende” Rolle als Chorerzieher, im Sinne unserer Völker verbindenden Chormusik. […]”

Prof. Hans-Peter Schurz (Deutschland)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“My Dear President Gunter Titsch, thanks you very much for the message. I can say now that you are a GREAT AND GENEROUS MAN… As an African and Musician it is an honor to me to be a member of your wonderful organisation… It is time for me and we African people, to do our best to work together in order to promote in all African counties your beautiful and great idea… Merci infiniment et longue vie a vous et a INTERKULTUR.”

Felix Nassi (Benin)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Liebe Freunde, ich bin stolz, einer von den alten Freunden von INTERKULTUR zu sein, – ich glaube, dass unsere Zusammenarbeit schon in 1990 anfing, – und ich habe mich jedesmal gefreut zu sehen, wie sich die Organisation entwickelt hat. Ich bin immer froh, als Jurymitglied mitzumachen, – ich mag mich wohl in diesem Zusammenhang ein alter Elephant nennen, – und mit Ausnahme von Graz, wo ich mit dem Weltsymposium in Kopenhagen beschäftigt war, habe ich, wie Ihr wisst, an allen World Choir Games mitgewirkt.”

Steen Lindholm (Dänemark)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Dear Mr. Titsch, thank you very much for your lovely letter and your wonderful invitation to participate at the Games in Sochi. It is a privilege to serve alongside so many wonderful choral professionals, and within an organization as prestigious as yours. You have a wonderful team of professionals working for INTERKULTUR. I hope we can continue working together in the future, and I am very much looking forward to the event in Miami next year.”

Cristian Grases (Venezuela)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Dear Mr. Titsch, I feel very grateful and honored for being member of this incredible working team. I’m sure that the next two years, in the way of the 10th World Choir Games and 30th INTERKULTUR Anniversary, will be full of successfully events.”

Prof. Alejandro Daniel Garavano (Argentinien)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Dear Mr. Titsch, words can’t fully express my appreciation and positive reflections for being a part of the World Choir Games Jury this summer. Thank you for the many years of festivals that you have organized with such great success. […] I look forward to meeting you again at future choir festivals!”

Peggy Dettwiler (USA)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Dear Günter, there is no other choral gathering like it in the world which can compare that brings together singers with such an enormous spirit of great joy and collegiality. Thank you for this visionary thinking. The world of choral music is indebted to you for placing our art form in this international light. It was my great pleasure to participate on the Jury and experience once again the splendour of the WCG.”

Dr. Robert Cooper (Kanada)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016

“Dear Günter, we have known each other for many years and I’ve lived, Choral competition after Choral competition, the relentless growth of INTERKULTUR and the enormous efforts you have made to offer choirs from around the world the opportunity to meet in the sign of choral music and to live wonderful experience to sing together. Through INTERKULTUR you have been able to create a reality that has no equal in the world. For me, you have given me the opportunity to work with you and I’ve always tried to give you the best of my skill and my professionalism. And I hope, in the future, to be able to continue working with you, for ever greater successes of INTERKULTUR.”

Prof. Giovanni Acciai (Italien)
Juror WCG Sotschi 2016