The Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Open Stage invites choirs from November 26-28, 2021 to sing and perform together again after a long period of silence.

After months of restrictions and uncertainties, overcoming the Corona crisis now seems to be within reach – which also gives new hope to the German choral scene.

People want to sing in community again and not just come together virtually. And this opportunity should be available this year at the Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Open Stage in Koblenz in November, in accordance with the current hygiene and safety regulations!

This year it is not appropriate to focus the German Choir Championships on the “championship” aspect, as this would not be possible to realize under fair conditions in the current situation. Rather, the event is to be designed as an open competition for all choirs of the Federal Republic.

Due to the circumstances and severe restrictions the choral scene has faced in recent months – and continues to face – it is very important to INTERKULTUR, the city of Koblenz and the artistic management team to be able to offer the choirs a new perspective, where they are allowed to come together, sing together and compete in Koblenz without the need for costly travel and overnight stays.

Willi Becker, a member of the artistic management team of the German Choir Championships, adds, “Freely following the motto ‘It’ s all about being there!’ it is above all important to us to promote the German choral scene, to give them a chance to finally stand together again on one stage and to present choral singing to the public with new strength.”

The current crisis will pass and now more than ever it is of central importance to strengthen and promote choral singing in Germany. The Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Open Stage will support this according to the given possibilities. It is a ray of hope for German choirs after a period of challenges and offers a platform for choral singing to give their voices an audience again.

The Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Open Stage warmly welcomes choirs and smaller ensembles of all performance levels based in the Federal Republic. Taking into account the applicable safety regulations, choirs can compete directly or receive feedback from the renowned jury of experts in open rounds of consultation. Registration for the Deutsche Chormeisterschaft- Open Stage in November 2021 is now open to all choirs from Germany. Further information is available at