“Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures. Corona will not get our choirs down! The Games will go on!”: the Flemish government and INTERKULTUR decided to postpone the World Choir Games for a second time. The World Choir Games, also known as the Olympics of Choral Music, will be held exceptionally in October/November.

After months of restrictions and sacrifices, the overcoming of the crisis now seems to be within reach. After almost a year of silence, the stages of this world are waiting for many passionate choirs – but it seems to be too early for a big international event like the World Choir Games this summer. Therefore, the Flemish government, INTERKULTUR as well as the local partner Koor&Steem and the two host cities Antwerp and Ghent have now announced to postpone the World Choir Games 2021 in Flanders again to October 30 to November 7, 2021. Thus, we can offer all international singers a timely and, above all, secure perspective in these extraordinary times!

This was also the view of Minister-President and Minister of Culture Jan Jambon: “We are delighted that all partners have agreed to a feasible date, so that in 2021 we can still bring this top event to Flanders. It is a bright spot for many passionate singers at home and abroad who have been deprived of their stage for so long. I have felt an enormous urge to make this event happen, even in these special times.”

The health, welfare and safety of the participating choirs, the supporters who travel with them and the many fans and visitors in Flanders are and remain top priority. And although the scale of the event will obviously have to be adjusted, and some parts of the program will have to be reviewed again, all parties involved are welcoming this development as a turning point after a particularly difficult period. It will be a special – rather emotional – moment for everybody that will leave many deeply moved.

This fall we will show to everyone: The international choral world is back and will finally sing on a world stage again! All the details regarding the autumn edition of the World Choir Games 2021 are now available at www.wcg2021.com.