INTERKULTUR President speaks about the reputation of host cities

On the occasion of the “China International Friendship Cities Conference 2016” from November 9-11 in Chongqing, China, more than 700 Chinese and international representatives from 144 cities and 56 countries followed the organizers’ invitation of the “Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries” and “China International Friendship Cities Association”, chaired by President Li Xiaolin.

In addition to the Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, Li Yuanchao, and other high-ranking representatives of national and international politics, INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch and Vice-President Wang Qin also attended the important conference in order to deepen the good Sino-German relations and long-term cooperation with INTERKULTUR.

The main topics of the conference were “Innovation, development, cooperation and sharing” that served as a platform for international exchange on economic, cultural and political issues.

As a representative of 500 million young singers and organizers of over 160 international choral events, INTERKULTUR had already helped more than 100 cities worldwide to receive more cultural, economic and international prestige, said INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch in his speech headlined “Building the City’s Reputation in Open Atmosphere “. As hosts of major international events, such as the World Choir Games, which attract up to 27,000 singers, the cities had a great potential to gain more reputation.”

Up to 500 amateur choirs with 27,000 participants from 80 – 100 nations take part at each Olympic Games of Choral Music, called World Choir Games. In addition, in some cities there is a high number of guests, journalists and visitors that reach up to 300,000 people. INTERKULTUR has a large choral network with several thousand international representatives and partners,” Titsch said.

According to Titsch, the traditional and new media have a significant influence on this movement. “With more than a million contacts per week, supplemented by countless media activities in the national and international area, it can be determined that more than 1.2 billion contacts worldwide help the regional and international reputation of a host city!”

Apart from all economic and cultural opportunities, international exchanges are also very important in times of global unrest. “Together with our partner cities, our work aims to create bridges between peoples and nations to make peace, true to the motto “Singing together brings nations together “!

H.E. Li Yuanchao, Vice-President of the People's Republic of China and INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch © CPAFFC

H.E. Li Yuanchao, Vice-President of the People's Republic of China and INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch © CPAFFC