A new year is always a good opportunity to look back, reflect on the past and start the coming months with good intentions.

2020 has changed the world and challenged humanity a lot. But we all made the best of the situation! A “new” normality now awaits us, which no one can describe with certainty at the moment. It became clear, however, that the people and also the choirs of this world have grown even closer together in the last year, united by this common crisis. This solidarity and closeness will hopefully remain with us this year and in the future. And we should value and celebrate what this crisis has taught us: Resilience, strengthened community, musical activism, and newfound creativity. I am sure that the new creative approaches to choral work and this newfound sense of (international) community will continue to positively impact the choral world this year. Because that’s what a choir is all about – community and a shared passion for music. Celebrate yourselves and each other, let your creativity run wild, unite with fellow singers from around the globe, and fill the world with your singing!

We wish you all the best for 2021 and are grateful for your trust, loyalty and creativity with which you surprised us in 2020.