All INTERKULTUR competitions are based on the MUSICA MUNDI quality seal, which enables an impressive overall comparison of all choirs that have participated in a competition in the last two decades. The 20th anniversary of the INTERKULTUR World Ranking List has now been taken as an opportunity to examine and update the system in detail.

With the establishment of the World Choir Games, the Olympics of Choral Music, it was our intention to give all choirs of the world the opportunity to measure themselves on a common quality level. The INTERKULTUR World Ranking List offers an impressive overall comparison of all choirs that have participated in the competitions since the year 2000.

With meanwhile more than 10,000 choirs that have participated in over 200 events, it was time to take a close look at the established procedure – and we are about to introduce some fundamental innovations!

The biggest adjustment to the world ranking list includes a new bonus system for better scoring of both participation in several competitions and wins in individual categories. It is important for us to consider not only the quality of choirs in a single competition, but also their performance over a longer period of time.

The implementation of the adjustments and the updating of the world ranking list are almost completed. We will inform all choirs directly and promptly about possible changes in their placement and will also present the new INTERKULTUR World Ranking List in detail soon: