Dear singers all over the world,
dear friends of choral music!

First of all, on behalf of INTERKULTUR and the entire World Choir Council, I would like to send you our best wishes. Especially in the current situation I wish you and your family good health and all the best!

All of us are facing an unexpected and unprecedented challenge these days. In many countries of the world, public life is largely at a standstill; in other parts of the world, people are just beginning to assess the consequences of the worldwide CoViD-19 pandemic or to find a way to deal with it. I know that you are all following current developments with great concern.

In recent decades, the world has moved a lot closer together in all areas of life. The current situation brings this to our attention once again. Especially you as choral singers know about the value of community, of working together, also and especially in difficult times. This is all the more important where people come together and sing together.

The worldwide choir movement should therefore set an example! Only through unlimited solidarity, a firm community and collective actions can we succeed in overcoming this difficult situation together!

Of course, INTERKULTUR with its upcoming international events – choir competitions, sing-along concerts, choir festivals and other international choral encounters – is also affected by the effects of this pandemic. Rest assured that the interests of the choirs and the safety of all participants are crucial for INTERKULTUR in all decisions!

We are observing the situation in the individual countries with great attention and are in permanent exchange with our local partners in order to be able to react appropriately at any time. In our activities we always follow the recommendations of the WHO and the requirements of the health authorities of the respective countries.

This year, numerous choirs from all over the world have registered for our largest international choir event, the 11th World Choir Games in Flanders, Belgium. As with all our events, the health and safety of our participants is our top priority. We are working closely with the local organizing committee and the relevant authorities to develop the appropriate concepts and solutions to ensure the necessary conditions for all participants. Please understand that for such a large international event, where many people are involved in the organization, and in view of the daily changing situation, far-reaching decisions cannot be decided and communicated from one day to the next. We will inform you immediately about all upcoming developments and will ensure certainty for your planning in the next few days.

We at INTERKULTUR understand very well that the numerous bad news, which you all currently receive several times a day, can have a frustrating and demotivating effect on your concentrated and intensive preparations for the World Choir Games. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage you urgently: Keep going and do not lose faith in the power of singing together!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you and your choir again at the INTERKULTUR events and to bringing the worldwide choir family together again and strengthening it even more!

With the best wishes for you and your families and friends, we would like to greet you very warmly,


Günter Titsch