Spreading the message of connecting people trough song

Nov 27, 2019

German Chancellery, from left to right: Titsch, Braun and Schmidt | Photo: Roger Schmidt

INTERKULTUR visits the German Chancellery and the representation of the state of Hesse

During these days INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch and Roger Schmidt were guests at the Federal Chancellery in the German capital Berlin. The discussion with the Minister of the Chancellor’s Office, Dr. Helge Braun dealt with the intercultural exchange within the framework of INTERKULTUR choir festivals in addition to current international developments.

Titsch presented some special activities to Dr. Braun, in particular the cooperation with the Berlin Radio Choir and Orchestra. Around May 1, 2020 INTERKULTUR is again partner of the “Festival of Choir Cultures” in the Berliner Philharmonie and the radio station RBB. Nine choirs from all over the world will be involved here. In this context, the singers of Eintracht Steinbach from the Middle Hesse region with conductor Axel Pfeiffer will be present under the headline “Swing in den Mai” the evening before.

Before, the two choral ambassadors of INTERKULTUR had visited the representation of the state of Hesse and held talks with Harald Schmitt, Head of Department for political coordination. Again, a possible cooperation was discussed and, in addition to the INTERKULTUR activities in Berlin, they informed about the organization of the upcoming World Choir Games in July 2020 in Flanders, Belgium.