Edgar Reitz is an author and film director and was born in 1932 in Morbach / Germany. I highly appreciate him. This artist has perpetuated the history of the area which has shaped him until today in a monumental TV epic. His trilogy „Heimat“ portrays the region, its inhabitants and landscapes starting at the end of  WWI until the reunification of Germany. It tells about the life of the young Hermann, about school and final exams, his years of study at the Conservatory in Munich and the home-coming to the fictional village Schabbach. The TV series „Second Home“ is especially emotional for me. It takes place in Munich’s district Schwabing. In the late 1960s it was famous for its student’s community. Joie de vivre, a social change and a focusing in the future existed next door to each other. I, too, spent some years in Munich when I was younger. And just like Hermann experienced with how much impact one’s personal way of life and historical events can become intertwined. Just like it happened during the Olympic Games 1972.

The motion art of Edgar Reitz has been awarded at TV festivals in Europe and the US and attracts many people. It even touches all those nowadays, for whom – like me – home is important.   For whom going back to the roots matters. In this context home is not only a geographical category.  Singing in a choir also embodies home, getting in touch with one’s self, social interaction with others.  Therefore I also have a „second home“ nowadays. INTERKULTUR is such a home for me, such as our festivals and competitions are home for Thousands of singers in vocal ensembles. I experienced this conviction, this feeling and this joy in Europe, Asia and America.

During the last years Riga, the Latvian metropolis, has become something like my „second home“. This city, a bastion of choral singing in the Baltic States, and its hanseatic atmosphere, its charm and its ease, was a great partner for us in 2014. And a shining host city of the World Choir Games. I am absolutely convinced that this city will also be a perfect platform for the 3rd European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations this summer. Together we will celebrate this major event of INTERKULTUR from July 16-23 and lead it to success. And of course together with you! Riga is always worth a visit. Get inspired by a city which you will learn to love and by an attitude to life which included choral singing. It will become your home.