Letter of condolences by INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch

In the afternoon of August 22, Xu Xiyi, one of the composers of “Moon of the Mid-autumn Festival”, notable composer & director, President of CHORUS—CHINA (Choral Federation of Chinese Musicians Association), died after a serious illness at the age of seventy-nine years.

Günter Titsch, Founder of the World Choir Games, President of INTERKULTUR & World Choir Council wrote a letter to Zhou An, Vice President of Chorus-China and Xu Xiyi’s family, expressing deep condolences.

Günter Titsch highly praised Mr. Xu’s contribution to the development and promotion of Chinese choir industry and choirs of the world, as well as the appreciation and gratitude of his participation and support of the INTERKULTUR events as a permanent member of the Honorary Committee of the World Choir Games.