How choir competitions impact cities and regions

Nov 25, 2019

World Choir Games Cincinnati | Photo: Dan Ledbetter Photography

Anyone who has ever experienced the European or World Choir Games knows that these events are not just a unique experience for the participants from all over the world. These major international choir competitions shape their host cities and fill cafés, parks, streets, hotels and public transport with song and joy.

Hundreds of choirs from all over the world come together every year for one to two weeks within the setting of the Choir Games in peaceful competition, united by a common love for music. In addition to the opportunity to perform in a big TV show and compete in different categories, the choirs also present themselves in friendship concerts and bring their music to the streets and squares of their host city.

More than 10,000 choirs from 107 nations have taken part in various INTERKULTUR choir events all over the world in recent years. China, Russia, USA, Vietnam, Israel, Iran, Gibraltar, Great Britain, France, Germany, Botswana, South Africa and many other countries share a stage and national borders, language barriers and restrictions of any kind dissolve during the festival days. The singers are united by their love for choral music and they create common memories, which they carry in their hearts and back to their home countries.

The various host cities, such as Linz, Austria (2000), Xiamen, China (2006), Cincinnati, USA (2012), Sochi, Russia (2016), Tshwane, South Africa (2018), welcome up to 27,000 participants from all over the world, in addition to the numerous visitors, who also explore the region outside their performances. For several days, the city will be vibrating with music, and in addition to the many languages of the world, there will also be one more thing to hear – singing.

The Choir Games create a wonderful atmosphere, no matter where they take place. Visitors and residents will hear fantastic choral music from international choirs, enjoy great concerts and share the great joy of the winning choirs about their achievements – memories that will last a lifetime! Local choirs are inspired by the international choirs and have the opportunity to work with choral experts from all over the world and make great progress in their musical development in just a few days.

The Choir Games usually gain a high media attention before, during and after the event; international media coverage reaches up to 1 billion people all over the world. As an example, in November 2019 the 11th World Choir Games 2020 has already gained a media reach of 400 million people – 10 months before the event actually starts!

Discover this inspiring and connecting event for yourself! Enjoy this musical experience of superlatives at the next Choir Games – the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders, Belgium!

During Host City 2019, Glasgow, Dr. Christoph Wirtz, Secretary General of INTERKULTUR, will talk in detail about the influence of the Choir Games on cities. You can also find out more at the exhibition stand in the Host City 2019

Magdeburg | Photo: Studi43